The Liberty Education Project

“An entire generation of children in Yemen face a bleak future because of limited or no access to education. Even those who remain in school are not getting the quality education they need.” said Meritxell RelaƱo, UNICEF Representative in Yemen.
THE LIBERTY EDUCATION PROJECTThe grade 8 students of Seven Skies started a project last year to sponsor education for children from two schools,Bani Mohamed and Abu Hurairah Schools, in Taiz,Yemen.
Unfortunately the project is on hold due to lack of funds. They are unable to pay the monthly salary of teachers : Rm500 (per teacher). There are 7 teachers in total that amounts to Rm3000 every month. 

1. Mr. Gameel Hazaa (Geography and history)
2. Mr. Gameel Al-Raei (Maths)
3. Mr. Muneeb (English)
4. Mr. Mohamed Husaini (Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic)
5. Ms. Fatimah Abdullah Ahmed AbdulHabeeb (Grade 1 Class teacher)
6. Ms. Rufaida Mohamed Abdu Abdullah (Grade 2 Class teacher)
7. Mr. Nabeel Huzaimi (coordinator)
With your kind support the Grade 8 students will be able to continue sponsoring the teachers salary. 
 No matter how big or small, your contribution counts.
Below Bank account details belong to the Grade 8 student.

Bank: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
Account holder: Inez Fitri Abdulllah
Account number: 1220 7020 3326 61 (Saving)
Swift Code: BIMBMYKL
Reference ; The Liberty Education Project

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