Character before excellence


Our Social Theme Concept is the main pillar of our Character Development Program. This is aligned with our vision “Educating for Social Responsibility”. Students are introduced to different types of social problems and issues that occur around the world. Once they are educated on the topic, students brainstorm ideas for possible solutions and plan their social action projects in collaboration with various NGO’s, public figures and corporate companies. The main objective of the project is to bring a social change in the society and the mindset of people that benefits individuals,communities and eventually the world!


SSI’s Bootcamp activities is designed to help students discover their potential, reveal unknown strengths and overcome the fear factor. Through challenging team oriented activities, students engage in Seven Skies Bootcamp foundation values such as leadership, trust, communication, problem solving and self confidence. Overall, the students will have an unforgettable experience along with strong bonds of friendship.


We offer a comprehensive, integrated, and proven step-by-step approach to develop entrepreneurial mindset in our students. This allows them to discover new ideas and innovative solutions to the problems in a local and global context. As the world become more complex and problems become more urgent, the need for entrepreneurs will only grow. The Entrepreneurship Development Programme will allow intrepid young entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently discover the best solutions.


Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) have been structured to increase positive self-development, self-esteem, improve self-confidence and develops talents among students. It covers a variety of sports such as, Swimming, Badmin-ton, Taekwondo, Basketball, Futsal and Archery. Other activities such as Arts & Crafts and Abacus are included as well to boost mental health of students.