Junior Bootcamp Grades 4-6

junior bootcamp

We are happy to share some comments on the Upper Junior Bootcamp 2019

” I am so proud of the students for conquering their fear and supporting each other to complete the obstacles. It’s always impossible until it’s done ”  Mr. Nasrullah

” I’m extremely happy with the way the upper primary students participated in both the activities. They showed a high level of teamwork and leadership qualities. These kind of activities will definitely help them in their academics as well ” Ms. Rameesa 

” My favourite part was cooking scramble eggs in the nature. The hiking was very slippery and the waterfall was very cold “Rasheed Ahmed Gofur Grade 4

” I learnt that if you set your mind on something and try try try, then you succeed ” Sharifah Kyra Grade 4

” I learnt about team work, if we work together we can do it ”  Adam Faaiz Azamin Grade 5

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