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Seven Skies’s History

We are a leading Islamic International School in Petaling Jaya, proudly standing for reputation in educational excellence, and providing a well-rounded British Primary Curriculum whilst offering the Cambridge International Curriculum at Secondary Level.

What differentiates us from other schools in Malaysia, is quality academics, coupled with our uniquely developed educational programme centred on ‘Character Development (CD)’. At Seven Skies, we recognise the importance of having a strong character based on values that produce confident, high achieving young men and women who will be active leaders of tomorrow.

Not only do we provide academic excellence, our Character Development Program raises the bar, and sets us apart from any other local or international school in Malaysia. We are a relatively new school, constantly upgrading our facilities to remain current in a global context. Our students however are at the heart of every aspect of Seven Skies International School. We strive to provide a caring environment at the school so our students can succeed academically, as well as develop a socially conscious outlook.

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