Seven Skies International Programme is a unique concept that provides an holistic curriculum for the comprehensive development of a child. It is unlike other schools in that it is activity based and involves experiential learning. With us, the child learns not only about academics but also Islam, the most important aspect of a person’s life.

An ideal 1:18 teacher to student ratio in the classroom facilitates effective implementation of the action-based curriculum and ensures your child is able to absorb the material quickly and easily. We aspire to make your child a lifelong learner, a responsible individual and an independent entrepreneur.


KINDERGARTEN (3 – 5 years old)

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum focuses on providing a creative and caring environment fostering a ‘play to learn’ atmosphere.


PRIMARY (5 – 11 years old)

The primary school is the centre of the Seven Skies educational focus, in line with the statement of our pious predecessors: “..For the next seven years, teach them.”


SECONDARY (11 – 16 years old)

Teachers are essentially mentors and friends to our students, helping the students connect their skills and strengths to the curriculum and extracurricular pursuits of the school.