Seven Skies International is a not for profit school that invests all the money back into educational development and improvement. We are committed to ensuring that education can continue at the highest level without compromising on quality. Our parent organisation, Mercy Mission World is a global community development organization based on the twin headquarters of Malaysia and UK. Founded with a vision to pursue the vision of the final messenger (peace be upon him), we work tirelessly to see a world where every Muslim can live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity. This vision is pursued through investing in the research of the needs of the Muslim community and developing vehicles of change to respond to those needs. Countless people have made Mercy Mission World what it is today, why not join this fraternity and make it your world?

If you would like to leave a legacy of education behind and help improve the state of the Muslim world’s educational status, then do consider a commitment and donation towards developing and building good quality Islamic schools worldwide. Please contact us to have a discussion about this matter and how we can partner with you to help leave a legacy of good quality education.