Character development is a central pillar of our school. Our Character Development program is a multi-faceted program wherein we leverage off the time we spend with our students to lay the foundations of character and moral values that go beyond the normal classroom experience. It is comprised of three key elements:



We create vision and a large world-view in our children through introducing them to social evils and problems. Every term a common social problem (example: Pollution, World Hunger, Racism etc.) is chosen. Subsequently the students are educated, inspired and engaged about it. They are given talks on these themes by local and global experts, subject matter and industry gurus at sessions known as “Coffee @ Seven Skies”. The students have an opportunity to engage and ask questions and quench their thirst by learning about matters that are plaguing the world and humanity at large. Subsequently, they are encouraged and motivated to plan an action of change – on how to fix these social evils and restore peace, dignity and order to society. The classes compete with one another to develop solutions and projects to be showcased to the public on a special term theme night every term wherein the students are judged by industry experts and the school parent community on their projects and solutions. The term theme night is one of the most important events of the character development program among its other components. Throughout the school year, students are challenged to create class projects that can benefit the community. They brainstorm on ideas that cultivate Islamic values in problem solving and strive for a strong community spirit.


The aim of the Character Development boot camp model is to help remove the hurdles which prevent many youth from reaching their full potential – such as fear, lack of confidence, phobias (of the dark, of snakes, of the wilderness, of heights etc..) while equipping them with basic life and survival skills.

Extracurricular Activities:

An essential part of our character development is the physical activity component of our curriculum through a myriad of physical activities ranging from Martial Arts, Futsal and Basketball.

The extracurricular aspect of the character development program primarily focuses on character building through soft skill enhancement and physical activities, as these are all essential in developing holistic and multi-talented leaders. Our children learn to create presentations, 3D modelling, create websites and learn how to setup teams and fundraising online, learn to debate in teams, some travel overseas to take part in charity teams, others compete and perform at the highest level in Taekwondo competitions. The school supports the children to investigate their true individual potential in matters that interest them.


Creating confident self reliant children that will be leaders of the future require that we support our children to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and lose their fear of starting and making a business work. Thus, at Seven Skies, we require all our children to launch a business in Grade 9 and do their best to learn everything they can about setting goals, marketing, human resource management, financial management, taxes and the law, inventory management and profit. It is our aim to ensure that our children grow up having the courage and determination to achieve their dreams and achieve self sufficiency in the process.