We are delighted to welcome you to our warm, caring and lively school for our precious future generation. We pride ourselves in aiming to provide a vibrant environment that allows our students and staff to thrive and flourish. With a world class curriculum infusing the best of Islamic and secular sciences and with a focus on character and moral education – Seven Skies is set to become the benchmark for premium quality Islamic schools worldwide.

Seven Skies is a pioneering effort from Mercy Mission – our parent social entrepreneurship organisation that aims to build schools combining the best of both worlds – the finest of Islamic education, with high quality secular education. An academically rigorous curriculum is complemented with an equally strong focus on character and moral development. We firmly believe that to build our future generations, it is imperative that the school becomes a focal point of bringing out creativity, passion and drive in our children. It is essential that the school shrouds itself with positivity to nurture the inquisitive mind that Allah has given our children and to help them develop a thoughtful approach to solving problems. That is why at Seven Skies, we constantly challenge our pupils to discover new talents, skills and interests to fully explore and understand the extent of their abilities.

Our teachers are the single most important factor in the success of our educational offering. As a result, we have selected some of the best teachers both from locally and abroad who not only have an Islamic mind set, but also have excellent subject knowledge in their respective areas. Our teachers also possess essential mentoring qualities: passion for education, empathy, a caring attitude, and a commitment to moral and character development. We have trained them in an intensive program, with the best of educational leadership and Islamic pedagogical strategies. So, rest assured! Your children are in good hands with us. Academic results are maintained and excelled via Academic boot camps that improve literacy and numeracy skills. Exams are set independently so both the student and the teacher are held accountable.

It is our aim to make the daily life of our pupils at Seven Skies an exceptional experience. Time inside the classroom is filled with thoughtful and masterful education. Time outside the classroom is filled with a range of activities that unleash the pupils’ interests and show the power of positive Islamic pedagogy. Arts and crafts are nurtured within an Islamic context with a variety of activities, productions and performances that the school will engage in during the course of each term.

We invite you to find out more about our precious school Seven Skies. It is certainly a labour of love from the board of governors, management, teachers, staff and parents – to create a premium safe engaging environment for young hearts and minds.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Tawfique Chowdhury
Principal Seven Skies International School